YOU are! The BIGGEST Obstacle Standing in YOUR Own Way, Delaying YOUR SUCCESS!

That’s right!

The only thing that’s standing between YOU and SUCCESS is YOU!

Let me ask you:

Are you still searching for some effective ways that will get you BETTER RESULTS?


Are you absolutely and utterly satisfied with your CURRENT RESULTS?

Get this: we’re approaching the END of 2012…

What are you planning to do in the NEXT 116 DAYS to CHANGE your current circumstances?

Thing is, I could share with you EXACTLY what I did to CHANGE my own business and life, what I’m doing right now to ROCK it online and what YOU need to DO to follow in my footsteps, until the kingdom comes…


It all depends on YOU…

Let me tell you something about YOU…

* YOU create your own game plan.

* YOU design your own lifestyle.

* YOU write your own cheque (check if you’re in the US).

* YOU are responsible for your own RESULTS and SUCCESS.

And, you know what?

* YOU can do anything you want.

* YOU are in control of your life and business.

* YOU can achieve as much SUCCESS as you want to.


1. Let go of the stuff that’s holding you back…

2. Stay away from people that don’t add much value to your life or support you.

3. Step out of your comfort zone and move forward.

And, I want you to know something…

I CANNOT make you succeed…


I can HELP, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE YOU to achieve the desired RESULTS and SUCCEED.

Here’s a message that I got from one of my subscribers:

“Hi Mavis

I like to confess that am completely inspired bywhat you offering me, and all the e-mails you sending me, your words are dominating the most in my brain this days, becoz what you have matches my needs.”

It’s soooo TRUE…

I can hand you my coveted SUCCESS blueprint on a silver platter, but it’s entirely up to YOU what you do with it.

If you decide to work with me…

I will GUIDE YOU along your path to success.


I will NOT run after you if you don’t take your business seriously or if you don’t keep in touch or if you don’t attend my team meetings and the like.


Not at all…
It’s ALL About YOU…
* YOU are in total control of your life and your business…

* YOU are responsible for your OWN success…

* DO what is right for YOU, your family and business.

NO one can make it happen for YOU…

YOU have to make it happen for yourself.

That’s all I wanted to say about YOU today.

I hope you got some encouragement to keep working towards achieving your goals.

So, are YOU ready to get to work for the next 90 days and lay a good foundation for your business for 2013 and years to come?


1. If you haven’t mastered the art of making PROFIT in your business every single day, with multiple income streams paying you monthly and people joining YOUR opportunity with ease, then you NEED to plug in to a marketing system and see for yourself what a change it makes in your business.

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There you go…

You now have 3 options that can help you to CHANGEyour current circumstances if you TAKE ACTION…

If there’s anything that you’d like me to help you with and I haven’t shared it with you before, be sure to let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Let me HELP YOU to finish this year STRONG andstart 2013 with a BANG!

I will leave you with these words of wisdom:

“Nothing will change until YOU change.”

Knowledge is useless WITHOUT implementation.

Intention is NOTHING without ACTION.

“Success and happiness are not matters of chance but CHOICE.” – Zig Ziglar

Hope you have the COURAGE and DETERMINATION to change your current circumstances.

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Here’s to stepping up and creating your own success story!

Do you have a game plan?

You need to have a 90-day plan if you want to see results in your business.

What’s up with the 90-day plan?

The year works in quarters…

(Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec)

So does the business…

Have you noticed how companies tend to report their business performance and financial reviews for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4?

You need to do the same…

Starting a 90-day plan in your business:

* Helps you to get committed to taking consistent action for 90 days.

* Helps you to lay a solid foundation for your business success in months and years to come.

It’s all about being consistent over a 90-day period through out the year while building the momentum of your business.

Start your 90-day plan NOW and back to back it with another 90-day plan…

…and put your business on the map for the new season of the year.

Every new season brings new hope to people.

You need to be there when people are READY to BUY…

This is the EXACT time to start creating the momentum…

Then sustain the momentum in the next 90-day plan…

And get ready to EXPLODE your business in the 3rd 90-day plan.

See what I mean?

3 x 90-day plans will TRANSFORM your business and life.

This is EXACTLY how I built a rock-solid business online in no time.

I have been using 90-day plans in my business CONSISTENTLY.

They WORK.

Here’s the thing…

2012 is gonna go and 2013 will be here soon…

Years will come and go and nothing will change if you don’t change.

See, a goal is an effect and the cause is YOU.

The issue is not your debts, your marriage, your business and so on, the issue is YOU.

YOU need to change your current circumstances and create the lifestyle that you deserve.

And, we can help you to do just that…


We have just started a 90 day BLITZ to help people to stay hyper-focused in order to see great results and grow their businesses.

This is HUGE, HUGE and HUGE!

We will be getting personally trained and mentored by the Millionaire Maker, Larry Thompson, a guy who has helped generate hundreds of millions in commissions.

We will be having the support from the top marketers, helping us to set specific goals and track our results.

Getting results becomes much easier when you’re CLEAR on what you should be doing.

And, those who TAKE ACTION, will be getting free monthly coaching from the top leaders…

Imagine getting coached by the best of the best by EARNING it, not by paying for it!

This 90 day challenge is not only going to take my business to a whole new level of success, but it’s also going to skyrocket my team members’ businesses, whether they have been working with me for a while or just partnered up with me.

PLUS, we will win a Caribbean cruise! WOW!

What about YOU?

Are YOU ready to CHANGE your life?

Are YOU ready to TRANSFORM your business?

Are YOU ready to MAKE the money you deserve?

The more CLEAR, FOCUSED and CONSISTENT you are, the quicker the RESULTS will come.

This is EXACTLY how I got to where I am today.

I’d love for you to rock it with me during this 90 day BLITZ.


– Are sick of losing more money than you’re making,

– Don’t want to wait for years to have financial freedom,

– Are surrounded by people who are pulling you down, NOT motivating you to head in the right direction,

Then you need to do this challenge!

You’re going to be BLOWN AWAY by the training, support, leadership and YOUR RESULTS!!!

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You need to get to work NOW if you want to finish this year STRONG and have a sizzling HOT 2013.

Start your journey to success… TODAY!

“The more clear you are about what you want, the more motivated and determined you will be to accomplish it.” ~ Brian Tracy

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” ~ Yogi Berra

“People with a goal succeed because they know where they are going!” ~ Earl Nightingale

“You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life.” ~ Les Brown

Let’s help you FLY your business in 2012 and beyond!

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See you there! Why You Need a 90 Day Plan to Skyrocket Your Business