Attraction Marketing

Why Attraction Marketing Works Better Than Traditional Marketing

Attraction Marketing is one of those terms that a lot of people have heard before but which most people don’t have a clear understanding of.

Lots of people hear what Attraction Marketing means and then promptly give a big “so what?”

At a base level they don’t see why this concept works even more effectively than most forms of traditional marketing, but even beyond that they can’t see how it makes you feel better to implement than traditional forms of marketing.

Let’s take a minute to break down exactly why Attraction Marketing makes marketing a FUN task and not a chore.

That last line probably sounds a little confusing to most of you- the idea that marketing can actually be a fun part of your day and not a necessary evil that you have to implement to reach new prospects and keep the clients you already have.

Most marketing advice sounds like a laundry list of actions that no one really wants to do:

1. Spend an hour a day posting your content to social media and networking sites.

2. Spend another hour following random people on Twitter with the hope that they’ll follow you back.

3. Writing up carefully crafted “press releases” that are designed to make people feel bad and scared enough that they might buy into your product.

No one enjoys those kind of tasks. You’d have to be a pretty sleazy person to enjoy trying to induce fear in your potential prospects and who knows what it would take to enjoy putting in those meaningless hours creating the illusion that people actually enjoy that content and want to share it among themselves.

That’s where Attraction Marketing changes everything:

1. You spend your time creating valuable content that actually helps people, content you will simply give away.

2. You connect with like-minded individuals who actually share your outlook and value and whom you want to hang out with.

Attraction Marketing is all about drawing people to you, creating a constant stream of real value for people who are actually searching for.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is a lot like pushing yourself constantly on people who don’t want what you have to offer.

Which do you think WORKS better?

1. Creating content that will make people feel bad or creating content that you’re proud of making even if no one ever ends up reading it?

2. Being that person who’s constantly hawking snake oil to people who don’t want to hear it or being that person that people seek out and spend their time with because of the good you’re constantly putting out there?

3. Will you feel better running around randomly trying to grab people or by simply sitting still, doing what you know is important, and watching the right people come to you?

Sure, even with Attraction Marketing you need to do a little legwork to connect with people and to make sure all this valuable content you’re producing reaches people who want and need it.

But there’s a world of difference between creating legitimate connections with people based on respect and shared interests than endlessly converting the bored and disinterested.

And you know the crazy thing about following a marketing plan that makes you feel good?

You’ll want to do it!

You’ll be excited at the thought of working on your marketing for the day!

And the more excited you are about marketing and the more you enjoy building these connections and providing this value for people the more you’re going to do it.

And we all know the single simple rule the marketing game comes down to – you get out of it what you put into it.

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