Blog Commenting – Still Leaving Comments Without Your Own Picture?

by Mavis Nong on September 8, 2011

Blog Commenting   Still Leaving Comments Without Your Own Picture?As I mentioned in my recent post, it was really nice to take a break.

Towards the end of my holiday, I was really looking forward to work, to implement the ideas that  I have been generating.

Now, I have to admit that my first few days back online were absolutely overwhelming. Why?

I had gazillion emails, Facebook messages and friend requests and over 400 comments on my blog!

I haven’t even been on Twitter and YouTube yet.

Speaking of the comments on my blog… I truly appreciate my new and regular commenters alike. A blog without comments is dead – seriously!

If you’re getting zero to a handful of comments, then you need to read these helpful articles:

That’s it for now. These tips and strategies will transform your blog just like they did mine. I look forward to hearing your results!

Now, back to what I wanted to get off my chest today…

While I was moderating the comments that you, my dear readers left me when I was having fun with my family, I noticed that most of them were faceless!

All what I kept seeing was the default images of a grey and white silhouette, pictures of pets, company logos etc.

The default images show that the commenters have made no effort to use a picture whatsoever.

If you’re using a picture of your pet, company logo  and the like, why can’t you just upload your own picture and be visible online?

And, if you’re not making any effort to use your picture, it means that you’re probably just interested in getting backlinks when commenting on blogs.

Or, maybe you didn’t even know that you needed one…

I’m here to help you out before I consider introducing a new commenting policy on my blog: “Faceless comments will not be approved!

I have written about this before, but I decided to talk about it again as most of my regular commenters fall into this category – they don’t use their own pictures.

As you know, every month-end, I highlight my top commentators with one exception. I don’t feature commenters with faceless images and I mention this in every monthly top commentators’ post.

When you stop by my blog, you can see my face right away and “know” exactly who you’re “visiting” and interacting with, right?

The opposite is true – I would also like to see your face and relate to you better. It’s a two-way street.

If you really need to be visible and make a name for yourself in the blogging arena, then you need to add your own picture. And pictures of your pet, company logo and so on, will not help you to achieve this.

The more people see your name on different blogs, the more they will want to learn about you to see who you are and what you do.

Blog Commenting   Still Leaving Comments Without Your Own Picture?

So, if you regularly leave good comments especially on the highly-trafficked blogs like mine, you can also drive some traffic back to your blog.

Now, if you’re serious about building your personal brand through blog commenting, then I highly recommend you start using your own picture by following these easy steps:

1. Head over to and sign up for a free account.

2. You will need to use the same e-mail address that you use for leaving comments.

3. Click on the link sent to your e-mail address to activate and confirm your account.

4. Go to My Account and follow the instructions to add your picture.

5. Check that everything is confirmed and saved… Then you are good to go!

**Note that if you are already registered with WordPress.comyou don’t need to create a new account with You will just need your WordPress password to access your Gravatar account.

After adding your picture, Gravatar will update all the comments that you have previously left on different blogs without your picture, as long as you were using the same e-mail address. How cool is that?

So, everytime you submit a comment on a blog, your picture will be automatically included. No spending time uploading it all the time.

Once you have your gravatar done, come back here to leave a comment below and see how your picture looks like! Blog Commenting   Still Leaving Comments Without Your Own Picture?

This goes for your blog and social media profiles as well – you need to use your own picture and be visible.

That’s my rant. I’m done now. I look forward to your thoughts on this.

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Happy Blog Commenting!

Blog Commenting   Still Leaving Comments Without Your Own Picture?

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Julia Serafina March 3, 2012 at 3:34 AM

I stumbled accross your post while I was conducting an online search on how to get my Gravitar image to show up in the comments section on blogs. I had been experiencing some problems, so hopefully my image will show up here. I have to agree that displaying a picture of yourself is critical to your branding strategy, whether that be for a personal brand or a business brand. When I see a blogpage with a string of empty boxes, I always wonder what the reasons might be for why these people don’t have a picture displayed. Personally, I think many people are unaware of Gravitar, hence why I am will tweet this post to my followers. Thanks for sharing!


Mavis Nong March 27, 2012 at 12:02 PM

My pleasure, Julia. Your gravatar looks great. Welcome to my blog! :)

Thanks for the visit, comment and for sharing with your followers :)



Jacs Henderso from Network Marketing Online July 30, 2012 at 2:58 PM

Good point Mavis – I wonder that people can be Branding themselves with some other photo???!!
Jacs Henderso invites you to check..What is your Vibration? Control Your Thoughts, Control Your LifeMy Profile


Mavis Nong July 30, 2012 at 11:25 PM

No, that’s not personal branding at all!


Guilda July 30, 2012 at 5:04 PM

Great information Mavis, thanks for sharing.
Guilda invites you to check..Podcasting in Network MarketingMy Profile


Mavis Nong July 30, 2012 at 10:38 PM

My pleasure, Guilda. Welcome to my blog :)



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