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What Is Attraction Marketing And Why Will Your Business Crumble Without It?

What exactly is Attraction Marketing? Well, it’s about you as the home business owner or marketer building a relationship with your prospects, establishing yourself as a leader and the expert and giving value and solutions in the market place for free. In the process you allow your prospects to sell themselves on your products and services without you twisting their arms to do so.

Attraction marketing is really the key to building your network marketing business properly. It is much less work and easier if you attract your prospects to you versus chasing after them and trying to get them to sign up. Read more

Attraction Marketing: 101 Ways To Attract Laser Targeted and Endless Prospects

Attraction Marketing is the most powerful concept that you can use in your business to attract laser-targeted and endless prospects to you like honey attracts bees.

Most network marketers are still wasting their time and energy trying to find leads by pitching on people who are just not interested.

And some may have stopped using the traditional marketing methods in their businesses, but still seeing little or no results. Read more

Attraction Marketing Success Formula Exposed!

Attraction Marketing is where it’s at, doubtlessly! Before I give you the success formula to explode your network marketing business in 2011 and beyond.

See, many network marketers are still chasing friends and family, attending hotel meetings, buying leads, cold calling, handing out flyers and trying to sell and convince people to join them. Yep, I have done all that!

You know, nobody cares about your business opportunity or products. That’s right, nobody is interested! People don’t join companies, they join YOU. Read more

Attraction Marketing Success: Have You Changed Your Mindset?

Attraction Marketing has now become very popular in the network marketing industry. More and more home business owners are realising that they need to learn how to attract qualified prospects to them rather than wasting their time and energy, chasing people who are not even interested down.

However, it can be quite challenging for some to start implementing attraction marketing in their businesses although it offers lifetime benefits. Are you still struggling in your business, finding it too hard to learn about modern-day marketing strategies or just resisting change? Read more

Attraction Marketing: 3 Primary Steps To Success

How would you like to have people constantly contacting you about your products and business opportunity rather than you chasing them to join you or to buy from you? Well, if you would prefer the first option, then pay close attention. Because here is how to make the first option happen for you with three primary steps. Read more…

Focused Energy Magnet = Attraction Marketing

How do you make sure that the concept of attraction marketing works well for you and grows your business?

Two essential attributes of attraction marketing pros are self-confidence and magnetic energy. If you project confidence, people will have confidence in you.  This has been true throughout the history of marketing and sales.  Maintaining a positive, magnetic energy will naturally attract people to you. Read more

Attraction Marketing Strategies To Bring You More Sales And Signups

Picking up from where I left off in my previous post: How To Build Your Business On Autopilot, I want to share with you the second step in Attraction Marketing: that is, to build a relationship with your list.

You have to understand that people will join you effortlessly when their needs match your offer and you don’t need to convince them that you have the best offer on the planet. It’s important that you show them that you care and you have their best interests at heart. Read more

How To Build Your Business On AutoPilot

You have probably heard the saying: “the money is in the list!” Yes, it’s true, building your own list is critical in every network marketing business, because without a list your business will collapse. :( No, I’m not talking about writing a list of your family, friends and everyone you know!

I’m referring to a list of people who opt in, showing that they are interested in what you have to offer. They exchange their names and contact details for the information about your products or services as well as your business opportunity. So, what happens next? Find out here

Attraction Marketing Tips – Get The Right Marketing System

Attraction Marketing is the primary foundation for success in any home business. Marketing is no longer about your company or your products. People resist to be sold and don’t want to be convinced to buy or join a business opportunity. The old methods such as cold-calling prospects, chasing family and friends, pushing for sales are no longer effective.

Attraction Marketing is about you establishing yourself as a leader and the expert in the marketplace, providing great value freely and building long-term relationships with your prospects and customers-to-be. Now, in order to attract more people to you (without convincing and begging them), you need to find the right marketing system. Read more

How To Benefit From People Who DON’T Join You

As you continue to build your network marketing business, you are going to have 95-99% of people who will not wish to join you. They would not be interested as they would probably be looking for something else to match their needs.

So, if you don’t have a way to profit off those people who don’t want to join you, then that means you will be missing out on a massive income opportunity. In addition, you will be setting your business up for failure. Read more

Generate MLM Leads – The Effective Ways To Use

So what is the best way to generate MLM leads? That’s a good question. A business requires both prospects and customers that will join you or buy the products you offer. A better question would be whether you should generate leads on your own accord or would you be better off by just purchasing leads from a company that specialises in selling them?

Buying leads is a bad idea – it’s a waste of time and money. But why are many network marketers still buying them online? It’s because they would rather look for an “easy” way out rather than use the modern-day lead generation strategies. Smart marketers have learned to attract prospects directly to them and this strategy allows them to see great results in their businesses. Read more

Is Your Website Attracting Endless Customers And Prospects To You?

If you’re a serious network marketer, you know that you’ve got to have your own website to be competitive online today, right? So, what good is it if you have a fancy website but it doesn’t bring you prospects and customers? Attraction Marketing

The success of your network marketing business is dependent on the constant flow of new prospects into your organisation and customers are the lifeblood of your business. Your website should help you achieve that. Read more

How To *Magnetically Attract* More Customers To Your Business

You’re probably wondering, how is that possible to magnetically attract more prospects and customers to your business? Well, I didn’t believe that either until it actually happened to me!

See, I failed miserably in my previous MLM business despite the time, effort and money that I put in. I started doubting myself and wondering if I would EVER be able to make any money Attraction Marketing See how all that changed

Are You GUILTY Of Committing These Deadly Sins?

If you’re looking to achieve financial freedom through network marketing and you’re still committing the 7 deadly sins, then you’re in for a rude awakening my friend!… These deadly sins will kill your business in its infancy… That’s right, KILL it! Read more

Are You Branding And Positioning Yourself As A Leader?

Most network marketers are taught to push their company brand forward. They use their company replicated websites, which are not effective as they do not promote the distributors but the company and products. Furthermore, they put people off and do not set you apart from your fellow distributors.

So, it’s important to brand yourself as a leader and stand out from the crowd. In fact, this is a foundation for your business success. There is no one like you in the entire world – take advantage of that and rise above the noise. So, how do you brand yourself as a leader? Read more

Are You Able To Attract Your Target Market?

Are you still approaching your family, friends and strangers about your business opportunity? Not, in this day and age!

When I joined my previous MLM company, I was trained that EVERYONE I knew and bumped into was my target market. Looking back, that was absolutely ridiculous! Is everyone interested in building a home business?

A fact is, NOT everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Some people are content with their circumstances and don’t have the motivation, drive and persistence to build a real long-term home business. Read more

How To Attract Qualified Prospects To Your Business

Are you spending hundreds of dollars, buying leads and not getting results? Have you run out of potential prospects to speak to? Would you like to learn about how to attract qualified prospects to your business the smarter and better way?

Well, if you’re still using the traditional marketing methods, then you’re probably wasting a lot of time and money. The truth is, the outdated marketing methods no longer work as they did in the past. Many people are still struggling in this industry as they haven’t changed the way they are marketing their business or they lack the internet marketing training. Read More.

Attraction Marketing: Build Long-Lasting Relationships

So, what do you do when you have found new prospects? Do you rush into promoting your business at the first opportunity? I practice Attraction Marketing in my business and I strongly believe that this is a fundamental strategy in building a successful online business.

Gone are the days of attacking and talking to every person you bump into about your business opportunity. If you’re serious about building your business, you have to start looking at ways to build your network marketing business effectively. Read More

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Bruce August 14, 2011 at 12:28 AM


Great looking, and very informative site you have here! I am happy I stumbled on to it.
Congratulations on a job well done, and I will certainly be returning from time to time
for more of your excellent insights :)
Have an Awesome day,


Mavis Nong September 12, 2011 at 2:22 PM

Welcome to my blog, Bruce! Thanks very much for your kind words and encouragement.

I look forward to seeing more of you here :)

All the best,


Joe October 20, 2011 at 4:57 PM

Hi Mavis … Some great tips. Do you think that social media puts even more pressure on ‘attracting’ business rather than simply looking for leads? It would seem that as the likes of Facebook and Twitter become evermore popular, attracting interest by listening and participating with relevant interest groups will become an increasingly popular way to attract new business.


Mavis Nong November 4, 2011 at 7:36 PM

Social media is the way to these days. Here’s what I had to say about it:


Viola Tam February 6, 2012 at 7:58 AM

Hi, Mavis,

AWESOME! I have been loyally following your posts for a while. This is one of the VERY BEST post that covers so much important points relating to doing network marketing right. I particularly like the way that you make it so easy for us to check out your related posts written previously :)

I am so pleased to be on the right track. It is encouraging to have leaders like you demonstrating that the future can be very different from the past :)

Personally, I love having pre-qualified leads. Yet there do not seem to have any such thing. Maybe it is really a better option to generate out own!

Viola Tam
Viola Tam invites you to check..Lead Generation Systems for MLMMy Profile


Mavis Nong February 11, 2012 at 1:45 PM

Thanks very much for your kind words, encouragement and continued support, Viola :)

Generating your own leads is definitely the way to go.

Have a great weekend!



Val Adams | Short term Loans March 12, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Thanks for this encouraging and informative post Mavis. I wish I could be as successful as you. I admire your will to help. I saw your posts and you almost always reply to our comments. :)
More power and best regards.


Mavis Nong March 12, 2012 at 11:39 AM

My pleasure, Val :)



Adam Graham July 30, 2012 at 6:52 AM

Great Blog! I think what people really need to take out of this blog is the relationship in business is a NECESSITY! People buy from those they like, trust, and feel have their best interest at heart. Awesome website. Keep up the great work!!


Mavis Nong July 30, 2012 at 1:56 PM

Thanks, Adam. Welcome to my blog :)

What are you currently focused on in your business?


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